Taxi Cab Licenses & ABC Permits

Taxi Permit

Fill out the taxi permit application (PDF) or come to the police department, 1009 Leonard Avenue High Point NC to pick one up. You will need to go to city hall, located at 211 S Hamilton St. High Point NC, collections division (2nd floor) and pay $7. Bring your receipt and notarized application and turn it in at the police department.

ABC Permits

If you want an ABC permit, go to the ABC online resource and access permits, retail permits, forms, application for ABC retail permit(s). This form explains what is needed to apply and the cost of retail permits. This form is sent to the ABC commission in Raleigh, NC, and the directions are on this link. The local government opinion form, the link is below the application for ABC retail permit(s), must be completed and taken to the governing body of a city or county prior to issuing a retail ABC permit. If within the city limits of High Point, NC, take the form and a photocopy of your drivers license to the police department at 1009 Leonard Avenue The Chief of Police or a designated official will sign this form. If you have any questions, contact Detective Garo Nordstrom at 336-887-7873 or email him.