Human Relations

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To promote equality of opportunity for citizens of High Point by advocating policies of nondiscrimination and serving as an informational resource regarding City, State and Federal laws that prohibit discrimination in employment, fair housing and public accommodation.

The City of High Point Human Relations Division receives citizen complaints of discrimination in the areas of Fair Housing and public accommodations.  It strives to resolve disputes promptly and effectively, while also providing connections to other community resources.

The Division encourages policies and practices that are fair and just by assisting public and private employers, businesses and individuals to understand, respect and accept gender, racial, religious and other cultural differences. The Human Relations Division enthusiastically participates in a wide array of community events and activities, and constantly works to build collaborations among all sections of our community.

The Human Relations Division also responds to public inquiries about human rights and discrimination. It diligently serves the needs of the City of High Point Human Relations Commission and helps to provide a responsive forum for the human rights needs of the community.


Employment Discrimination

For those who have been treated unequally by their employers in relation to hiring, discharge and compensation, or providing the terms, conditions and privileges of employment. We also address employment issues related to criminal history.

Housing Discrimination

For individuals or their family members who have been treated unequally where they live or when trying to buy, rent, lease, sell or finance a home. This is also for those who have been denied a reasonable accommodation or modification for a qualified disability.