Memorial Tree Program

Planting a tree is a beautiful and lasting way to honor a friend or memorialize a loved one. Fill out the attached application (PDF) indicating your preferred location and type of tree and mail with a check to the address provided. You'll not only be giving a perfect gift for a birthday, graduation, wedding, or retirement, but you'll also be giving a gift to your community. Honorees will receive a certificate, and their names will be listed on this webpage.
  • Applications must be received with enough time for the City Parks and Recreation Department to arrange for tree planting during the planting season (October-March) when all trees will be planted.
  • Donation amounts include the cost of replacing trees if necessary within the first 2 years.
  • All donations are tax deductible.
Choose a City-owned facility (PDF), such as a City park or golf course as the preferred location for your tree.

Tree Types

Then choose your preferred type of tree:
Variety Height (At Maturity) Width (At Maturity)
Shade Trees ($125)

Willow Oak 40 - 90 Feet 30 - 40 Feet
River Birch 40 - 50 Feet 35 - 45 Feet
Flowering Trees ($125)

Southern Magnolia 50 - 90 Feet 30- 50 Feet 
Yoshino Cherry 20 - 40 Feet 20 - 40 Feet
Outstanding Trees ($100)

Ginkgo 50 - 80 Feet 30 - 50 Feet
Japanese Snowbell 20 - 30 Feet 15 - 30 Feet
Small Native Trees ($80)

Eastern Redbud 20 - 25 Feet 20 - 30 Feet
Flowering Dogwood 15 - 30 Feet 15 - 30 Feet

While every effort will be made to honor your requested location and type of tree, the City of High Point reserves the right to make the final determination on location and variety.

For questions call 336-883-3328 or send an email. To donate a Remembrance Tree, complete the attached application (PDF).

Click on the image below using a Chrome browser to see the location and additional information about each tree planted to date.
Dashboard Image 8-20-19