Weekly Highlights 

Strawberry Delight - May 4 - Strawberry Recipe Contest Rules

Strawberry Delight

First Place - Andy Turner with Strawberry Shortcake
Second Place - Paula Nestlerode with Strawberries & Champagne Cheesecake
Third Place - Jilliann Turner with Swervy’s Strawberry Surprise

Strawberry Recipes

Watermelon Mania - July 6 - Watermelon Seed Spitting Rules
winners collage

Peach Palooza - August 3 - Peach Recipe Contest Rules

  • Winners: 
    • First Place – Jilliann Turner with peach napoleon
    • Second Place – Jamie Shields with peach and strawberry cobbler
    • Third Place - Andy Turner with peach dumplings
  • Peach Recipes
  • winners

chili winners 2019

  • Apple Jubilee - October 5 - Apple Recipe Contest
    •  Rules
    • Apple Recipes
    • Winners
      • First – mini caramel apple cheesecake - Jilliann Turner
      • Second – apple shortbread – Andy Turner
      • Third – roasted honey apple galette – Jeanne Megel

    apple winners 2019

To wrap up the season will be the second annual Spooktacular Soiree Saturday, October 26. Everyone is invited to wear costumes and take pictures in a professional photo booth from 10 a.m. to noon. Trick or treat with the vendors and there will be pumpkin crafts. The second annual Pet Costume Contest will be held at 10 a.m. and a Children’s Costume Contest at 10:30 a.m. 

Costume Contest Rules