Kids, Cans & Cash

Kids, Cans & Cash is a cooperative recycling outreach program between The City of High Point and Guilford County. It has a focus on teaching the importance of recycling while acting as a school wide fundraiser. It also serves with a mission to foster a culture of recycling in the community.

Kids, Cans & Cash is going to look a bit different this year

In order to highlight environmental awareness throughout the year, Kids, Cans & Cash will now start on November 15th 2018 which is America Recycles Day, and it will conclude April 18th 2019 in order to incorporate Earth Day.

Details are below, but please note that this will be a much longer campaign with the opportunity to earn more money and reinforce the idea of recycling year round.

To Register or Schedule a Pick Up:

Feel free to use the following forms to register or schedule a can pick-up at your convenience. 

Registration Form

Can Pickup

Forms and Documents

For questions, concerns or to schedule a pick-up not using the form please contact:

Lorelei Elkins- Guilford Planning & Development Department



Laura McCoy- High Point Recycling Program Coordinator


How to arrange your cans for collection
Kids Cans Cash poster

The Rules:

  • All you have to do is have your school collect ALUMINUM BEVERAGE CANS (and aluminum beverage bottles).
  • Any elementary school in Guilford County can register to compete at any time between 11/15 and 4/18.
  • Every school that competes will get the money that they earn for their cans.
  • There will be an award banner given to the top three schools that collect the most cans per-capita.
  • Schools will receive all the money they earned from their efforts at the END of the competition on or after April 21st. 
  • Can prices are determined at a flat rate per pound.
  • Cans can be dropped off at the High Point Material Recovery Facility at 5875 Riverdale Dr. M-Th 7:30-4:30.  Anyone may drop off cans for the school or in a schools name.
  • Cans can also be scheduled for pickup by filling out the form below or contacting the administrators of the program (contact info below)
    • Please schedule no more than one pickup a month
  • Please bag in clear bags and label your bags of cans

There will only be banners and cash awarded. 

There will not be prizes, pizza, or a celebration.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Kids, Cans & Cash

  • Create Excitement!
    • Put up posters
    • Make morning announcements about it
    • Send home flyers with students
  • Enlist Volunteers
    • Ask student council or clubs to take part
    • Talk to your PTA about helping out
    • Ask local firedepartments and civic groups to collect 
    • Ask parents to collect at their work place
  • Make Collection Easy
    • Have a centralized dropoff in your school
    • Place drop boxes near carpool to make it easy


What to DO to be successful

  • Collect only aluminum beverage cans and bottles
  • Rinse and dry cans
  • BAG cans only in clear plastic bags that are labeled with your school name
  • Involve your community in your school's collection efforts
  • Call your contact person for help and ideas


What you SHOULDN'T do

  • Include metal food cans or other types of metal
  • Store un-rinsed cans- they can attract pests
  • Use opaque bags
  • Forget to label your bags with your school name