Design Our New Bookmobile!

We are getting a new bookmobile and we need your help to design it!  Do you have what it takes to draw, color or use your graphic design skills to make our vehicle pop? We want you to submit your entries by February 1 at 5:00 p.m. for a chance to see your artwork driving all over the City of High Point!


Who can enter? 

The contest is open to anyone age 9 and up!
For contestants age 9-17, please use this form HERE!
For contestants 18+, please use this form HERE!

Please email all entry forms and artwork to Jim Zola at  

What do I have to design?

Entrants will design a bookmobile wrap/paint scheme promoting the High Point Public Library and early literacy. The focus of the Library Bookmobile is children. We serve home daycares, daycare centers, afterschool programs, and community events.

Where can I get a template of the Bookmobile? 

You can get the PDF of the template HERE!

How will the designs be judged?

Entries will be judged by a panel of High Point City officials. When evaluating entries, judges will consider the following criteria:
     - Did the entrant include a completed entry form?
     - Does the design promote the library and literacy?
     - Is the design eye-catching and kid-friendly?
     - Does the entry meet all the requirements?

What are we looking for?  

     - A design with large elements will look better than a design with a lot of small, complicated elements.
     - Do not overcrowd your design, but fill the space with color
     - Bright, bold colors look better than soft, pastel colors.
     - If you include text, make it fairly large
     - Please do not sign your artwork.
     - Do not use any copyrighted material (for example - Mickey Mouse, Superman, etc.).