Land Use Assessments

Last Updated: 2/4/2021

Land use and transportation go hand-in-hand, each one impacts the other.  For that reason, when roadways undergo major changes due to construction, then the land use policies for that area also need to be reviewed and updated to remain relevant for the area.  Therefore, the City has conducted land use assessments for two areas that are undergoing major roadway projects that will have an impact on existing and future land use policy.  The areas are the Eastchester Drive & I-74 interchange and the Jamestown Bypass. These land use assessments represent a look at a small area based on a specific need due to a change in the immediate environment. These assessments will not replace existing policy documents.  They are policy documents that are concentrated on a very finite area to assess a specific issue.  In this case, the issue is the impacts of two roadway projects on adjacent land uses.  The policy recommendations of these assessments will be used in conjunction with other existing policy documents.  Please visit the Webpages for each study area, linked below, for more detailed information.

Eastchester Drive and I-74

In 2020, the Eastchester Drive and I-74 interchange is being expanded to alleviate congestion along Eastchester and on the exit ramps of I-74.  The expansion includes the addition of exit loops in the southwest and northeast quadrants of the interchange and the elimination of left turns on the Eastchester overpass to access the Interstate.  When changes like this are made to the transportation network, there are impacts on adjacent land uses.  Due to all these changes, the City has conducted a land use assessment of a 148-acre area along an approximate 1 mile section of Eastchester Drive from the entrance to Festival Park on the northern end to Lassiter Drive on the southern end to review the impacts and to evaluate the current land use policies for this portion of the corridor.

Eastchester and I74 Study Area

Jamestown Bypass

The Jamestown Bypass land use assessment includes a 1.4 square mile area along the Greensboro Road and Jamestown Bypass corridors from Montlieu Avenue in High Point to the Jamestown town limits at Deep River. Please click on the link for more detailed information.

Jamestown Bypass Study Area