Comprehensive Plan

Last Updated: 11/9/2021

Almost every viable organization plans for the future; a new business prepares a business plan, non-profit organizations develop strategic plans, a household creates a budget. To bOur City Our Futuree successful, especially in today's competitive economy, cities must also make plans to manage their substantial assets and investments. A comprehensive plan serves this purpose.

In 1928, High Point adopted its first comprehensive planning document entitled "Report Upon Certain Phases of a Comprehensive Plan for the City of High Point, NC." Since that time the City has continued to produce comprehensive planning documents on a regular basis with plans being adopted in 1947, 1958, and every decade after that up to the City's current land use plan, which was adopted in April 2000. While many aspects of planning have remained the same over the years, others (due mainly to technology), have changed dramatically. With the city's continued growth, recent efforts to revitalize the core city, and the City's current Land Use Plan being over 20 years old, it is time for the City to start working on the creation of a modern-day comprehensive plan to ensure that we continue to plan for the future growth and redevelopment of the city. Therefore, the City has started the process of creating the "2045 Comprehensive Plan."

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A comprehensive plan establishes long-range policies and guides the future growth and development of the city over a specified timeframe that is established at the beginning of the process, most often a 20-30 year horizon. It is the road map for future growth and development that is created jointly between the City and the community. It all starts with a vision statement  that describes the desired future. It is the "what do we (the community) want to become" statement. The comprehensive plan, area plans and system plans are how the community achieves the vision, or the "how do we (as a community) get there." The plan integrates and coordinates the plans of the many functions and services provided by the City.

Vision Statement Chart