Our New Center

High Point 911 moved the current operation on Oct. 19, 2021, to a new state-of-the-art 911 and dispatch facility. The new location has been fitted with furniture specifically designed for 9-1-1 centers to aid personnel in their duties.

An increase in the number of workstations will provide space for additional personnel to staff the center in cases of emergency events or handle additional growth if needed as the city continues to increase in size. Additional space is now available to store items needed for operations without crowding employees and a self-sustainable kitchen area for extended operations.

The employees enjoy having exterior windows to watch sunrises and sunsets. The previous location was not capable of expansion. High Point has maintained a fully functional state-of-the-art 9-1-1 and dispatch center since 1984. The former facility has been in service continuously since its inception. Through the years, High Point police, High Point Fire, and High Point Parks and Recreation Ranger dispatch operations were consolidated into one operation to serve High Point and the public passing through the city borders.

On average, High Point 9-1-1 dispatches 160,000 or more calls in the computer aided dispatch system. Annually the center answers an average of a quarter of a million calls for emergency and non-emergency requests.


New Center (Above): One area of the upgraded center dispatch position showing additional spacing to minimize noise pollution from other dispatch positions.