Training Division

  1. Amanda Honeycutt

    Amanda Madden

    Master Telecommunicator

    Serving Since 2004

  1. Meredith Davenport

    Meredith Davenport

    Telecommunicator II

    Serving Since 2015

  1. Sarah Tibbetts

    Sarah Tibbetts

    Master Telecommunicator

    Serving Since 2013

  1. Kaleigh Reddick

    Kaleigh Reddick

    Telecommunicator II

    Serving Since 2018

Training News

Every Telecommunicator with the High Point 911 Center goes through a minimum of 340 hours of training prior to being released into the field. The training team is comprised of 4 experienced Telecommunicators with over 35 years of combined experience with our department. Trainers work with our trainees daily to ensure that they are well prepared for a successful and rewarding career in 911.