Internships and Practicums

The student success program is designed for students attending a College or University who are pursuing educational opportunities in the field of Parks & Recreation or Recreational Therapy. ASPIRE provides students with two school related opportunities through a summer practicum or seasonal (spring, summer, fall) Therapeutic Recreation Internship. 

High Point Parks & Recreation ASPIRE primarily serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 5 and up in addition to inclusive programming for all abilities. 

The student success program is intended to prepare students to further their awareness of working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and advocating for their needs in the community as well as learning and applying communication, human resources, finances, programming and operations as it relates to the field of Parks & Recreation. 

Please contact Leanne Lyons, LRT/ CTRS, ASPIRE Supervisor at or 336.883.3481 for more information or questions regarding the Internship and Practicum opportunities. 

Therapeutic Recreation Internship: to apply, students need to submit their resume and cover letter.

Internship offer periods and session dates: 

  • Summer - January 3 - March 1, Internship Session May - August (*Mandatory 4th of July Uncle Sam Jam event*)
  • Fall - April 1 - May 1, Internship Session August - December (*Mandatory Halloween Hoopla Event*)
  • Spring - September 1 - October 31, Internship Session January - April (*Mandatory Easter Eggstravaganza Event*)

Therapeutic Recreation Internship Job Description

Recreation Practicum: to apply students need to submit their resume. 

Practicum offer periods and and session dates: 

  • Summer - February 1 - March 25
  • Practicum Session 1: May - June
  • Practicum Session 2 - June - July
  • Sessions selected by ASPIRE Staff

ASPIRE Recreation Practicum Job Description