Redistricting Information

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Why do we go through redistricting process?

North Carolina law specifies that every ten years, when the census is published, cities with voting districts must ensure the districts are close to the same size in population. This process helps make sure each person's vote will carry the same weight.

High Point's Population and Wards

  • Number of wards: 6
  • City’s 2020 population: 114,059
  • Ideal ward population: 19,010
  • Allowable range: 18,061 to 19,959
  • No district can have fewer than 18,061 people – 4.99% below ideal
  • No district can have more than 19,959 people – 4.99% above ideal
  • The numbers used are “total population” – all people, regardless of age

Guiding Principles

  • Equal population (required)
  • Total population, not voting age population or registered voters
  • Contiguity 
  • Consideration of certain administrative boundaries (using whole precincts as building blocks, e.g.)
  • Avoiding pairing incumbents (also known as “double-bunking”) AND/OR ignoring the residences of incumbents
  • Preserving the core of existing wards AND/OR ignoring existing wards (i.e., clean slate)
  • Recognizing communities of interest (prioritizing the intactness of neighborhoods or other historical, cultural, or economic communities)
  • Seeking to have boundaries follow visible physical features like roads, waterways, and other geographic features
  • Compactness
  • Plan for population changes

The Process

  • Determine the necessity of redistricting based on population disparities
  • Reach consensus on criteria/guiding principles
  • Consultants to draw two to three alternative plans
  • Public hearing
  • Potential for receipt of plans from members of the public
  • Review/revision of plans 
  • Adoption of resolution for selected plan
  • Export of plans to the Board of Elections, GIS department, etc.

The Timeline

  • 9/19/2022: Initial introductory meeting
  • 10/3/2022: Selection of criteria
  • 11/21/2022: Presentation of proposed plans
  • 12/29/2022: Deadline for all requests for changes
  • 1/17/2023: Work session to evaluate requested changes and feasibility
  • 3/6/2023: Public Hearing on Redistricting at the 5:30 p.m. meeting of City Council
  • Final Adoption: The resolution for the plan was adopted by City Council on their Monday, March 6 meeting. 

Adopted and Current District Map

Proposed Redistrict map for the city of high point

Click the link to view the demographic data for our wards in the City of High Point

An interactive map of the current and proposed wards is also available at the link below.

Interactive High Point Ward Map

Your Current Wards

What ward do you live in?

Use the Interactive Map to find out what ward you live in.

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Redistricting Presentations and Meetings:

Stream the Special Meeting of the City Council involving Redistricting on Oct. 3
Review Poyner Spruill's High Point Redistricting presentation that was presented to the council on Oct. 3, 2022
View the City Council Meeting where the new ward map was adopted on March 6, 2023.