Community Know How

People take a lot of pride in their communities and sometimes have questions about how to improve possible issues within their neighborhoods. We often get questions about what to do to make neighborhoods more beautiful. While our focus is on litter removal and community beautification, we want to make sure that concerned residents have access to the correct information to address their needs. 

Garbage & Recycling Cards and Yard Waste Information

All carts should be removed from the street the day after collection. This is a safety issue. Carts that are left out can limit visibility of drivers and pedestrians. Yard waste not in carts should be in paper bags, clear plastic bags, strong cardboard boxes, or an approved black yard waste cart. Limbs and brush must be bundled (tied) in lengths of 4 feet or less, weighing not more than 50 pounds. Yard waste including leaves for leaf collection, should not block storm drains. 

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Streetside Litter


Litter is trash that is carelessly discarded in places where it shouldn't be. It can be expensive to clean, is bad for the environment, has negative impacts on quality of life and can eventually end up in our waterways! Please don't litter. More information about litter and what you can do about it is available here: Litter Information

Remember to Recycle!

Recycling is good for the environment, the economy and our community! Please remember to recycle right. More information on recycling, including what to recycle, why and even some fun activities are available here: Recycling Information

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Illegal Dumping of Trash

Please don’t dump off items anywhere in the City. Furniture, bagged items, limbs, and brush should all be disposed of properly either in approved waste carts, or taken to the appropriate facility such as the Kersey Valley LandfillMaterial Recovery Facility, or Ingleside Composting Facility. If you discover a pile of illegally dumped items you can call Customer Service at 336-883-3111 or you can learn more information from Code Enforcement: Code Enforcement Information 

Code Enforcement

The City of High Point has a lot of codes and ordinances to keep all of our residents happy and healthy at their places of residence. This includes noise ordinances, structures, grass height, improper storage of hazardous items, junk and rubbish, and more. You can find guidance, regulations and more information including how to report violations here: Code Enforcement Information

Paint Cans Stored Outside
Unknown liquid dumped in drain

Illicit Discharge

An illicit discharge or illegal discharge is any disposal, emptying, or dumping of any substance other than rainfall into the Stormwater drainage system. If someone is dumping things down the stormdrain, you can find more information and guidance on reporting here: Illicit Discharge Information