Youth Photography Contest

Congratulations to our 1st Annual Youth Photography Contest Winners!

1st Place - Timothy Nguyen, Southwest Guilford High School

2nd Place - Kylie Stewart, Southwest Guilford High School

3rd Place - Jada Bre Robinson, Southwest Guilford High School

1st Place

Timothy Nguyen 1st Place

Second Place

Kylie Stewart 2nd place Smiley Cloud on Hwy 68

3rd Place

Jada Bre Robinson 3rd place


Tim received a beginner's gardening kit, including seasonal bulbs and seeds, gardening gloves, a spray bottle, gardening tools, and a gardening book.  His photo submission, name, and school is displayed at the High Point Public Library.   

Thank you to all participants and great work in seeing the "Beauty of Nature"!!

Additional Questions

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