Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)


Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

 is North Carolina's multi-modal transportation plan. North Carolina General Statute 136-66.2 requires each municipality or MPO, with the cooperation of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), to develop a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) serving present and anticipated travel demand in and around the municipality or MPO. When a CTP is adopted by the NCDOT, it represents the state’s concurrence with the locally identified transportation needs.  


The CTP includes community consensus on future transportation needs required to support anticipated growth and development. It is a multi-modal plan that identifies the future transportation system needs and includes highways, public transportation, rail, and bicycle facilities needed to serve the anticipated travel demand. It strengthens the connections between an area's transportation plan, adopted local land development plan, and community vision.

The benefits of using the CTP process are:

1. It supports community vision and goals by integrating land use and transportation;
2. It allows communities to consider all modes, not just road improvements, for the future transportation system;
3. It is more efficient for MPOs because it ties the CTP and the federal Long-Range Metropolitan Transportation Plan processes together; and
4. The CTP process provides a direct link to project development. Once a project is funded it must go through an extensive project development process, including an environmental review.