Ride-A-Long Program

Get a firsthand view of how police officers serve the community members of High Point.

The ride-a-long program gives citizens a unique opportunity to learn about the daily challenges and risks that officers face while protecting the community.  Community members also get a firsthand view of how police officers serve the city of High Point and have an opportunity to interact with a uniformed police officer to ask questions and discuss issues related to police work. 

The High Point Police Department is committed to establishing and maintaining close ties with community members and promoting a realistic understanding of how community needs are being addressed by the department.  Our ride-a-long program is a great way to do this.

At times, it is very difficult to explain to people the exact duties of a police officer and the complex nature of this job. Giving community members the opportunity to ride-a-long with an officer is very educational and eye-opening. All police departments are not created equal, there is a difference in both hiring and training and that is important for people to see.  - Captain Curtis Cheeks III  

 Program Eligibility

Anyone interested in participating in the ride-a-long program must complete a Ride Along Program Application and return to the High Point Police Department.  In addition, applicants must abide by the following rules:

 1. Applicant must be at least 16 years of age (waiver required).
2. Applicant must have no pending felony or serious misdemeanor charges. Applicants must have no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions. Submission of a ride-a-long application will result in a criminal background check.
3. The applicant must watch the CJIS Security Awareness Training video upon request prior to the ride-a-long being scheduled.
4. The applicant must complete the Ride Along Program Application.
5. The applicant must complete a Waiver of Liability form.
6. No participant will act as a police agent in any manner.
7. While participating in the Ride-Along, no participant is allowed entry into a residence or any other location where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists.
8. No weapons such as firearms, batons, oleoresin capsicum (pepper) spray, etc. will be carried by a Ride-Along participant.
9. Participants are not permitted to use cell phones or other recording devices to photograph, video or live stream crime scenes or any other sensitive information they may be exposed to.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our ride-a-long program please contact, Officer Queen (email) at 336-887-7824 or Lt. Bostic (email at 336-887-7807.


Please fill out the Ride-A-Long Form (PDF) and return it to:

You may also mail or drop off your application
 Community Outreach Unit (ride-a-long)
High Point Police Department
1730 Westchester Drive
High Point NC, 27262