Park Rangers

High Point Park Rangers are dedicated to serve all citizens who visit our parks and our goal is to make sure everyone has a safe, pleasant and enjoyable time.


The High Point Park Ranger's mission is to:
  • Enhance safety at all Parks and Recreation facilities
  • Protect the City's natural resources
  • Provide security of all park visitors


Duties include:
  • Assisting park visitors
  • Conspicuous, proactive patrol at more than 60 Parks and Recreation facilities
  • Timely response to calls for service
  • Traffic and crowd control at special events

Sworn Officers

For the purpose of making arrests and issuing citations for City, State or Federal law violations, all Parks Rangers are sworn law enforcement officers certified by the State of North Carolina.


The Park Rangers maintain consistent training in many topics such as:
  • Criminal
  • Defensive tactics
  • Firearms
  • Motor vehicle
  • Report writing
  • Rescue
  • Various investigation practices
  • Wildlife and boating law

Current Staffing

The Park Ranger section currently staffs one Chief, four full-time and one part-time patrol Rangers.

Patrol Techniques

Rangers use various patrol techniques including patrol cars, mountain bikes, boats and foot patrol to maintain watch over city and community parks, recreation centers, lakes, golf courses, trail, natural preserves and playgrounds.

More Information

For an immediate response to emergencies, please call 911. For non-emergency assistance, please call 336.883.3224. For inquiries and information about the High Point Parks & Recreation system, please call 336.883.3469.
Park Ranger Vehicles