Bulk Item Pickup

Bulk trash pick-up is intended for the occasional collection of large items, such as a sofa, chair, mattresses, carpet, appliances, etc. It is not intended for a whole house clean out.
  • Any waste generated by a contractor must be removed and disposed by that contractor.
  • Bulk items will be picked up the same day as your garbage, yard waste, and recyclables.
  • Bulk items collection begins at 7 a.m.. Items which are not out when the truck passes, will not be collected until the next regularly scheduled pickup day.
Bulk Waste Loader
Do not mix other waste, such as limbs, yard waste, or recyclables, in the same pile as your bulky items. They will not be collected. These materials are taken to different facilities. Please place bulky items at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.

The City is not allowed to collect tires. Tires must be taken to the Guilford County Scrap Tire and White Goods Collection Facility at 2138 Bishop Road.

Televisions & Computers
Televisions and computers are no longer allowed in the landfill due to North Carolina Legislation. The City will not pick them up. You may take them to the Material Recovery Center without charge. It is located at 5875 Riverdale Drive, Jamestown, North Carolina. More information about electronics recycling.