Collection Schedule

All collections (garbage, yard waste, and bulky item) are scheduled to be collected on the same day.

Your recyclables are scheduled every other week on the same day of the week as your other waste is collected. Please access the interactive map to find your week.

You can view collection schedules and holiday schedules by clicking the following links:

2020 Holiday Collection Schedule/2020 Recycling Collection Calendar

Observed Holidays

Collection schedules will be adjusted during the following holidays:

2020 Holiday Collection Schedule Changes

Newspaper, television and radio announcements of the schedule changes will be made. The collection schedule will also be shown on Cable Channel 8.

Please note that carts MUST be on the curb by 7 a.m. Due to increased holiday volume, drivers will NOT be able to return to pick up missed carts.  


During extreme weather conditions (very hot, or very cold/icy), collection schedules may be modified. If you have any questions about your schedule or any other services, please call Customer Service at 336-883-3111.