Technical Services Division

When the alarm sounds at the fire station, crews respond to various types of emergencies. It is the responsibility of the Apparatus Maintenance Division to ensure that the apparatus and equipment are maintained so the crews can perform their duties.

The Apparatus Maintenance Division maintains and repairs approximately 85 pieces of rolling equipment. This includes firefighting apparatus, support and administration vehicles, trailers and boats.

We also maintain the loose equipment that is carried on the apparatus along with the lawn equipment at the stations. The division performs preventive maintenance along with major and minor repairs. Three technicians are assigned to the division, John Motsinger EVMT II, Allen Creech EVMT II, and Jared Chandler EVMT I.

The apparatus repair facility is located at 213 Fisher Ave. Our hours of operation are 7am – 4pm Monday – Friday with a technician on call 24/7 for emergency repairs and responding to large emergencies for support.