Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

Welcome to the MRFUnlike most all other municipalities throughout the state, The City of High Point owns and operates their MRF (Materials Recovery Facility). We take pride in the services we provide by our staff and machinery so that we can separate, group, and bale a clean quality recyclable material to price out for bids to other recycling businesses while keeping our staff safe from start to finish.  

We appreciate our residents and businesses recycling right. We strive to send out clear information as to why this is so important. In addition to accepting recycling from the residents of High Point, we also pick up and process all recyclables from the Furniture Market twice per year. This adds up to tons of materials being kept from going to our landfill, which we also own and operate. 

Recycling Education & Outreach

Want or Need information:  Please contact Teresa Baker, Recycle Programs Coordinator at  336-807-4817 or 336-883-8706 or Melanie Bruton, MRF Superintendent at

We would be pleased to offer you a tour of our facilities or arrange a presentation at your convenience. Please inform us of your preferred option that would best suit your organization. 

High Point - All Accepted

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