Stormwater Improvement

Please note that the Stormwater Improvement Program has currently been suspended as the City will not be accepting new projects until the moratorium as approved at the City Council meeting held on (08.16.2021) is lifted.  All current projects as approved by the Stormwater Division prior to this date will be scheduled for completion.  Stormwater Division staff will still be able to provide an assessment of current properties to offer technical advice to owners should they request an on-site meeting.

The Stormwater Management Improvement Program is provided by the City of High Point to assist property owners with storm drainage problems. Implementation of this program does not constitute acceptance of responsibility by the City for the existence of particular storm drainage problems; or acceptance of dedication, ownership, or future maintenance responsibility concerning any stream or ditch or any other area of private property.
Broken Pipe

Work Provided

The City will perform the following work concerning streams and ditches on private property for the purpose of improving natural stormwater drainage:
  • Clean out debris and obstructions to improve water flow
  • Perform bank and slope stabilization
  • Install pipe to contain flow

Who Qualifies for the Program

  • The Stormwater Management Improvement Program is available to all property owners in the City of High Point.
  • The site must receive stormwater from public streets or publicly owned land contributing to the flow of the pipe/channel.
  • Any drainage channel or stream designated as stream buffer or is required under provisions of the City of High Point Development Ordinance  (Chapter 7- Environmental Regulations) will be not eligible for the piping option of the Stormwater Management Improvement Program.
  • This program does not apply to new construction projects or for the maintenance of privately owned water quality devices.

Program Criteria

  • For piping requests, the maximum size of any pipe installed shall be 42" RCP. Any site that requires a pipe size greater than 42" RCP will only be eligible if it meets the more stringent criteria of the City's Capital Improvement Program.
  • All affected property owners must sign a petition form prescribed by the City requesting the work and giving permission to enter their property for that purpose. The City shall determine on what portion of the stream or ditch the work shall be performed to effectuate the efficient and safe flow of water.
  • The design and installation will meet the design and construction standards of the City of High Point.
  • The City will provide all engineering and plans for the work, including scope of the work, means of performing it, schedule, and size and type of any materials necessary to perform the work.
  • The property owner(s) will pay for all materials necessary to perform the work.
  • All such owners of property shall be responsible for removing any obstructions, objects, or vegetation that the City deems necessary or convenient to perform the work.
  • All such owners shall agree to hold harmless the City and its agents or employees from any and all liability of any nature for personal injury, property damage, or any other form of damage arising out of the work.
  • The Stormwater Services Division will assess all participation requests and prioritize them based on established rating criteria. Projects are prioritized based upon the potential for being a safety hazard or damage to property.
For more information or assistance please contact the Stormwater Services Division at 336-883-3455.