stained glass

Some of the more than 37,000 objects in our collection are in need of conservation and preservation to make them ready for exhibits. We hope you will consider becoming a Preservation Partner to help underwrite the cost of the program.

This fall marks the High Point Historical Society's sixth annual Adopt-an-Artifact campaign to raise conservation funds for an irreplaceable High Point artifact.  Thanks to the support of the community, we have raised over $10,000 and conserved 21 artifacts in the last five years! 

In the next year, we plan to add a new section, showing the community and businesses of Washington Street, to our permanent exhibit. An important part of that display will be items from the now-demolished First Baptist Church. Last year, we raised money to conserve an altar chair and plant stand from the church. This year, we plan to preserve a stained glass window that we would like to include in the display.  The glass itself is in good condition, but the wooden frame is badly deteriorated and breaking apart. The cost to conserve the window will be $500 to $1.000.  Any additional funds raised will go toward safely mounting one or two larger and heavier windows to a wall in the permanent exhibit.

Your tax-deductible donation to our Adopt-an-Artifact fund will help ensure that these artifacts will be saved for our
community to enjoy!

Why is Conservation Beneficial?

  • Helps with long-term preservation of artifacts through restoration or stabilization
  • Slows down deterioration so that artifacts can be exhibited and enjoyed for years to come
  • Often necessary to correct damage from use, age, or old repairs

Why Does Conservation Cost so Much?

  • Conservation is handled by a trained professional, usually specialized in a certain type of artifact
  • Needs special tools and materials
  • Requires careful photographic documentation of all steps
  • Not all repairs needed are easily visible