Kidney Dialysis Patients

Both chloramines and chlorine are toxic in dialysis water and must be removed from water used in dialysis machines. It is safe for dialysis patients to drink, cook with, and bathe in chloraminated water because the digestive process neutralizes chloramine before it enters the bloodstream. All kidney dialysis clinics and medical facilities have been notified within the regional partnership vicinities.

Chloramines cannot be removed by boiling water, adding salt, or letting water stand in an open container to dissipate the chloramines. Medical centers that perform dialysis are responsible for purifying water used in dialysis machines. Dialysis units must be prepared for the anticipated chloramine concentration.

Removal Methods
The 2 methods typically used to remove chloramines from water before dialysis:
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • A granular-activated carbon filtration system specifically designed to remove chloramines.
Customers with home dialysis equipment should contact their physicians and check with equipment manufacturers for information on proper adjustments to equipment.