Engineering Design

The Engineering Services Design Staff is responsible for the design of new City funded projects within the City of High Point to include applicable permit acquisition, contract writing, estimating, project bidding, and project management.

Some services they provide include:
  • Roadway Design: Turn Lanes, Intersection Improvements, Sidewalk, Street Widening's, Cul-de-sacs, Resurfacing
  • Public Water Design: Waterline Extensions, Waterline Replacements, Waterline Re-lines
  • Sanitary Sewer Design: Sewer Extensions, Sewer Replacements, Sewer Re-lines
  • Parks and Recreation Projects: Greenway Design, Baseball Field Design, Basketball Court Design
  • Storm Water Design: Storm Drainage Analysis, Storm Drainage Pipe System Upgrades, Stormwater conveyances, Stormwater Best Management Devices (bio cells, ponds, sand filters, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous Design: Grading Plans, Watershed Plans, Site Plans for Police Department Firing Range and Electrical Department Substations, Wastewater Treatment Plant Ash Slurry Line replacement
  • Customer Service: Assist Developers, Consulting Engineers and Citizens, Record Drawings, Waterline and Sanitary Sewer Assessments, Flood Zone Information, Flood Plain Development Permits