Book Clubs

Sisters Connected Book Club

Sisters Connected is an African American Book Discussion group which began in July of 1998. The group is sponsored by the High Point Public Library. We meet in various locations to discuss books relevant to the African American experience. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested please contact Maxine Days at 336-883-883-3671 or Jo Williamson at 336-883-3521 for more information.

The Readers’ Guild Sci-fi/fantasy Book Club

The Readers' Guild Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club is a fun, casual monthly book discussion group for readers of science fiction and fantasy. The group reads everything from genre classics to hot bestsellers, and everyone has a say in which books the group reads. New members are always welcome.


The Readers' Guild meets in the Book Lovers Room on the 3rd floor of the library one evening each month. For more information, please contact Rase McCray at 336-883-3695.

Heritage Book Club

The Heritage Research Center sponsors the Heritage Book Club, moderated by Larry W Cates. Roughly quarterly, the club chooses non-fiction and/or fiction books related to a particular historical issue or topic that would be of interest to genealogists exploring ancestors in the southeastern United States. Past issues have included plantation life, Unionism in the Confederacy, the lives of Southern women, loyalists during the Revolution, the Reconstruction period, and moonshining.

Meetings & Discussion

Our in-person meetings will focus on how the various books we are reading relate to one another and the topic we've chosen. We also reflect upon the related circumstances, challenges and decisions faced by our ancestors. You need not be interested in genealogy, however, to involve yourself in our discussion. Call 883-3637 or email us for more info.

​Page Turners Book Club

Page Turners is a read-all-kinds-of-things book club for adults (18+ only). We meet once a month, typically on a Saturday afternoon. Every person has a say on book selection-spanning all genres. We will discuss one book per meeting. Perfect for anyone excited about reading and discussing different genres. New members welcome! If you are interested or want more information, please contact Lauren Mitchell at 336-883-3674 or