Children's Outreach

Children's Outreach Services provides programs, materials and services for schools, daycare centers, home daycares, recreation facilities, schools, select community locations, and special events.

• Visits include a story time, craft, and book delivery that are developmentally appropriate.
• Story time focuses on the six pre-literacy skills: narration, vocabulary, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, print awareness and print motivation.
• Summer Reading-Children's Outreach services will provide the following items to help you get a reading program started: reading records, pencils, bookmarks, stickers, and a tub of books with topics of your choice.

In the mornings, the bookmobile services in-home daycares and daycare centers. In the afternoons, the bookmobile travels to select community locations and recreation facilities. 

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Stay up to date with everything happening in children’s outreach services by reading our quarterly Outreach Newsletter. For more information about summer, reading you can download the Outreach Brochure 2021.

More Information

For more information on in-home daycares, please call Kim at (336) 883-3672.
For more information on daycare centers, please call Cynthia at (336) 883-3635.
For more information on community centers, please call Karen at (336) 883-3669.
For more information on schools, please call Sarah at (336) 883-3667.