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Communications & Public Engagement

  1. Directory of Housing Organization Signup

    Use this form if you give housing assistance in any form in High Point. This list will be made public.

  2. Interfaith Committee Volunteer

    Members of the Interfaith Committee are individuals who will serve in an advisory capacity to the Commission for research and... More…

  1. Do you have a fair housing complaint?

    Please Note all reports to our office are considered “inquiries” in which the High Point Human Relations can perform duties under the... More…

  2. International Committee Volunteer

    Members of the International Committee are individuals who will serve in an advisory capacity to the Commission for research and... More…

Community Development

  1. Client Intake Form

    Information provided will be used to determine if a person meets program eligibility requirements.

  2. VITA Volunteer Application

    To sign up to volunteer for the VITA program, please sign up here and someone will contact you with additional information.

  1. Neighborhood Association Sign Up Form

    If you are interested in becoming a member of a neighborhood association/watch group, please fill out the form and you will be... More…

Customer Service

  1. Change Phone / Billing Address

    The City of High Point uses various pieces of information such as your phone number and address to quickly respond to your service... More…

  2. Report a Street Light or Security Light Out

    Customer will use this form to report a street/security light out.

  3. Share Your Thoughts

    Have you recently requested a city service online, by phone or in person? Would you please share your experience with us by answering... More…

  1. North Carolina Green Power Sign Up

    Please fill out the form below. Use the account information as shown on your electric bill.

  2. Request a Garbage, Yard Waste or Recycling Cart

    The form is used for customers that request a cart online.

Electric Utilities

  1. NC Green Power Sign Up

    For City of High Point electric customers only. Use the account information as shown on your electric bill.

  1. Report a Street Light or Security Light Out

    Use this form to report an outdoor light that is not working. If there is a hazardous condition such as a wire hanging low or lying on... More…

Event Permits


    Block Party - is defined as a planned gathering of persons in which a public street will be closed that is sponsored by a business,... More…


    Permit for: Parade Footrace Bicycle Race Festival


    Picket/Pickets/Picketing - To make a public display or demonstration of sentiment for or against a person or cause, including those... More…

Fire Department

  1. HPFD Accreditation Appraisal Program Review

    Strategic Planning Mgmt. Process (monthly meeting project tracking for accreditation & annual program review)

Public Services

  1. Keep High Point Beautiful Adopt-A-Street Reporting Form

    This form is for Adopt-A-Street volunteers to submit their data electronically. For more information please e-mail... More…

  2. Kids, Cans & Cash Registration Form
  3. Planet Pals Sign Ups

    Do you have a child that is interested in the environment and might want to know more about what they can do to help keep our city... More…

  4. Request Keep High Point Beautiful Programming or Outreach

    Request a program, booth, or outreach from Keep High Point Beautiful

  5. Stormwater Volunteer Application
  1. Kids, Cans & Cash Can Pick-up

    Thanks for participating in Kids, Cans & Cash! Do you need to schedule a pickup for Kids, Cans & Cash? Fill out this form and we... More…

  2. Know More...

    Interested in learning about ways to cut down on waste at your business, organization or home? Fill out this form and we will contact... More…

  3. Request a Stormwater Speaker or Appearance
  4. Request Volunteer Information for Keep High Point Beautiful
  5. West Ray Stormwater Public Meeting Questionnaire

    The City of High Point is currently working on a Stormwater Master Plan in your area and is gathering information for preparation of... More…