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Telecommunicator of the Year Nominee's

  1. High Point 911 nominees

  2. David Wilson

  3. David Wilson

  4. David is described as having an exceptional attitude toward work, character, and drive to assist the citizens of High Point and our public safety partners. David is a certified peer counselor who is called upon to assist his fellow Telecommunicators during stressful events. David was essential in assisting with HP 911's recent APCO P33 certification process.

  5. Tyler Hilton

  6. Tyler Hilton

  7. Tyler is described as dedicated to serving his community and HP 911. He works overtime to assist other teams during shortages, maintains a positive attitude and is always willing to go above and beyond. He serves as a civilian police reserve and manages the HP 911 for Kids program, Facebook page and most recently a new project with the High Point museum to detail and display the history of 911.

  8. Meredith Davenport

  9. Meredith Davenport

  10. Meredith is described as helpful, friendly, funny (yes she did ask for a Hobbit on Channel A instead of a Hobble), positive, team player, and honest. She performs her daily routine with pride and is an asset to High Point 911 and the citizens of High Point. Meredith assists with Cry Wolf entries and 911 for Kids programs. She is always a willing participant in our community events.

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