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  1. CoHPLogo
    A group of fifteen or more persons shall give notice of intent to picket in writing. A group of fewer than fifteen persons may give written notice of intent to picket but is not required to do so.
  3. Picket/Pickets/Picketing
    To make a public display or demonstration of sentiment for or against a person or cause, including those demonstrations which may include the distribution of leaflets or handbills, the display of signs and any oral communication or speech, which may involve an effort to persuade or influence, including all expressive and symbolic conduct, whether active or passive, upon those portions of the public street and sidewalks not used primarily for vehicular parking and moving traffic and not constituting a parade.
  4. The Person or Persons in charge of the activity shall accompany the activity at all times and have in their possession a copy of the receipt of the Notice of Intent to Picket.
  5. A receipt of the Notice of Intent to Picket will be returned to the person/group submitting the notice.
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    Karen Rimmer Special Event Coordinator High Point Theatre 220 E. Commerce Avenue High Point, NC 27260 Phone: 336-883-3625 karen.rimmer@highpointnc.gov
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