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Commercial Shared-Use Kitchen

  1. High Point Commercial Shared-Use Kitchen

    Who we are: A group of agency representatives working to support the establishment of a commercial shared-use kitchen in the City of High Point.  
    What is a commercial shared-use kitchen? A commercial shared-use kit
    chen provides shared commercial kitchen space and equipment that is rented to individuals or businesses to prepare food for wholesale, resale, or distribution. 

    The goal of this survey is to help us better understand the need. We want to know how entrepreneurs and food businesses define success and what stands in the way of you achieving it. Help us learn the barriers you face and needed supports and resources. 

    More information on the Shared-Use Kitchen Project can be seen here

    Thank you!

  2. Do you currently own/operate or desire to own/operate a food-based business?*
  3. What stage of the business are you in?*
  4. What category would you place your business in?*
  5. Are you interested in using a shared use commercial kitchen?*
  6. If money is not an obstacle, what other types of food business services would you be interested in?*

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