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Kids, Cans & Cash Registration Form

  1. Instructions:
    This is open to all public and private elementary schools in Guilford County. Schools will collect ALUMINUM BEVERAGE CANS ONLY. And will be paid for the cans that they collect. Please rinse, dry and crush cans. All schools will be paid for their cans regardless of how many are collected.
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  3. For Questions, Comments, Concerns or More Information Contact:
    Laura McCoy- 336.688.9316 Laura.McCoy@highpointnc.gov or Lorelei Elkins- 336.641.2082 lelkins@guilfordcountync.gov
  4. Kids, Cans & Cash Rules
    These are the rules for Kids, Cans & Cash (you don't have to check the boxes) For more info contact Lorelei Elkins or Laura McCoy (contact info at bottom of page)
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