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1. What are the prices for water meters and water taps?
2. What are the prices for sewer taps?
3. Do you rent Hydrant Meters?
4. Will you fix my water or sewer line?
5. Does the City make commercial taps?
6. What is the flow per minute through water meters?
7. Does the City reimburse for filling up a swimming pool?
8. Can I rent a Hydrant Meter to fill my pool?
9. Are water and/or sewer services available at my current address?
10. If services are available, have the fees been paid already or am I responsible?
11. If services are not available, how can I put in a request for the City of High Point to run new lines down my street?
12. What are the fees for Residential Water and/or Sewer connections?
13. What do the fees pay for?