Human Relations Commission

Human Relations Commission is a municipal agency which enforces the City's Human Relations Rights laws. The Commission works to end discrimination and promote equal human rights. The Commission has citywide authority and accepts complaints from all citizens and visitors to High Point, who believe they have been discriminated against. The Commission is responsible for conducting public programs and issue reports on human relations. They also make recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council for legislation or other action regarding human relations practices.

The Commission does not have jurisdiction over County/City government, County/City Board of Education or Community Colleges. High Point Human Relations Commissioners are not elected officials but rather approved and appointed volunteers by the High Point City Council.


Appointed by City Council

  • Kim Barker
  • Willie Davis
  • Karen Grubb-Gilbert
  • Maritza Gomez
  • Geovanni Hood
  • Stacy Jones
  • Sharon McGregor
  • Giselle Mansi
  • Rodd Smith
  • Tyrone E. Johnson (City Council Liaison)

    Human Relations Commission                                         Every 2nd Thursday at 5:30 pm                                                  211 South Hamilton Street                                                Conference Room 302                                                            High Point NC 27260
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  • International Sub-Committee

    Every 1st Wednesday at 5:30pm                                            211 South Hamilton Street                                                    Conference Room 302                                                                High Point, NC 27260                                                    Register to become a Member

  • Interfaith Sub-Committee

    Every 3rd Thursday at 5:30pm                                                    211 South Hamilton Street                                                  Conference Room 302                                                                High Point, NC 27260                                                   Register to become a Member

  • Social Justice Sub-Committee                                          Every 2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm                                                      211 South Hamilton Street                                                   Conference Room 302                                                            High Point, NC 27260                                 Register to become a Member